Biocidal products are more important in the wake of the pandemic than ever before, and therefore need proper regulation to protect the community and combat the spread of Covid-19. Biocides are designed with the intent of ‘destroying, deterring, rendering harmless, preventing the action of, or otherwise exerting a controlling effect on, any harmful organism’ and are vital during this global crisis. An example would include hand sanitizer. Many businesses are reconfiguring their biocide production lines in order to succeed commercially while also helping battle the spread of the virus. 

Authorization of such products can occur at the national level, through mutual recognition between Member States of a union, total union authorization or simplified authorization (all active ingredients within a product are permitted.) Deenamic can help you streamline your experience with the regulatory process by providing quality guidance and support. 

It is necessary to understand exactly what kind of product type is being dealt with in order to progress when it comes to the accompanying documentation. Deenamic understands the feedback system between National Production Approval, Active Substances Authorization and Market Authorization and can review products and documents accordingly. 

We are able to review the active ingredients for your product in line with current regulation, and submit Active Substance Authorization forms when necessary.

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