Agrichemicals are chemical plant-protection products used in agriculture. Pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, fungicides and nematicides all fall under this category. It can also include synthetic products such as some fertilizers, hormones or other growth agents.  Knowing how agrichemicals and the regulation behind them work helps you understand the risks involved with them, and at Deenamic weContinue reading “Agrichemicals”


Biocidal products are more important in the wake of the pandemic than ever before, and therefore need proper regulation to protect the community and combat the spread of Covid-19. Biocides are designed with the intent of ‘destroying, deterring, rendering harmless, preventing the action of, or otherwise exerting a controlling effect on, any harmful organism’ andContinue reading “Biocides”

CLP Regulation

Classification, Labelling and Packaging (CLP) Regulation was set out to protect the environment and the health of those dealing with substances. It is legally binding across the Member States and directly applicable to all industrial sectors. It requires manufacturers, importers or downstream users of substances to classify, label and package chemicals appropriately.  A major aspectContinue reading “CLP Regulation”

Job opening – Accounts and Administrative Assistant

Accounts and Administrative Assistant Deenamic Ltd are recruiting for an experienced administrator with strong secretarial skills on a part time basis. This role will initially be remote working with potential office work in Co. Meath in due course.    We are seeking an energetic and flexible candidate with good organisational and administration skills. Working closely with office management and our technicalContinue reading “Job opening – Accounts and Administrative Assistant”