Are your REACH registrations up-to-date? ECHA to examine outstanding registrations for required updates

ECHA is setting out to identify outstanding cases where a company’s REACH status registration has not been made with the help of national enforcement authorities. Since the end of last year, companies have had clear, specific deadlines by which they would have had to update their REACH registration. ECHA announced earlier plans to enforce these deadlines.

They will first focus on dossiers of ‘high concern,’ or SVHCs (Substances of Very High Concern,) the list of which is available on ECHA’s website. After that, they will move to substances of lesser concern.

In their announcement they also outline key changes in their most recent version of the Guidance on Registration for REACH. There was a clarification on the calculation of tonnes after the end of phase-in, clarification on when it is needed to declare the phase-in status of a substance, clarification on when the IUPAC name can be claimed confidential and clarification of when reduced information requirements for low tonnage dossiers can be provided.

The document also contained information concerning new deadlines for registration of substances.

There are several key time periods to keep in mind in order to be compliant with European law. When a company stops manufacturing or importing an authorized chemical, it must update its registration within three months or face the consequences. Registration needs to be updated and submitted to the Agency no later than six months from the date when a registration becomes aware of new, relevant knowledge. 

There are also certain registration obligations under EU REACH including legal personality, the role of industry associations and other types of service providers, obligations related to registration of intermediates and more.

It is paramount that companies regularly review their REACH registration and update them when necessary in order to be compliant with regulation. At Deenamic Ltd, we offer services pertaining to EU REACH and can help your organization navigate emerging legislation and avoid potential punishment. You can find more on our website or reach out for a preliminary consultation  at

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