Deenamic Ltd: Global regulations

Global regulatory compliance

Looking to stay ahead of the curve on global regulatory changes? Deenamic Ltd is here to help! We offer comprehensive consultancy services that can keep your business on the right side of constantly shifting regulations.


Welcome to Deenamic Ltd

At Deenamic Ltd, we strive to provide our clients with the best possible guidance through the ever-changing landscape of regulations.

Our services cover an array of areas, including EU REACH and UK REACH, biocides, plant protection products, classification and labeling, SDS writing, medical devices, cosmetics, and product regulatory reviews.

Our London and Ireland offices allow’s us to serve our international clientele more effectively.

Deenamic Ltd: Global regulations

Recent posts

We’re shooting for a lead-free world!

ECHA’s efforts to reduce lead exposure from outdoor shooting and fishing. ECHA’s Committees for Socio-Economic Analysis and Risk Assessment support the proposed restriction on the use of lead in ammunition for hunting, outdoor sports shooting and in fishing. The restriction could prevent over 600 000 tonnes of lead from being released into the environment, save…

“The EU’s Next REACH Enforcement Project: Focusing on Imported Products”

The Enforcement Forum of ECHA agreed that their next REACH enforcement project will investigate companies’ obligations for products and chemicals they import from outside the EU. The project will be done in 2023-2025. This is an important step in ensuring that REACH is enforced properly and consistently across Europe. The Enforcement Forum, which is responsible…

Stocks of relevant products must be fully removed from supply chains on the Northern Irish market due to the latest active substance list update – will your inventory be impacted?

Last month, the European Commission announced the non-approval of 14 active substance/product type combinations. These combinations must be phased off the European market. Importantly, this also applies to the Northern Irish market. The official announcement can be found here. Regulation (EU) No 528/2012 of the European Parliament and of the Council (BPR) requires all active…

Deenamic Ltd: Global regulations

15 years Global regulatory experience

At Deenamic Ltd, we understand that navigating global regulatory compliance is complex. We offer expert support to help you develop a regulatory strategy and get your product on the market. Our experience and knowledge can save you valuable time and resources.

Deenamic Ltd: Global regulations

Deenamic Ltd was founded in 2019 to provide innovative solutions to the issues companies face today. We encourage creativity and development to address these challenges in new ways. Our team is dedicated to finding the best possible outcomes for our clients.

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Deenamic Ltd: Global regulations

Deenamic Ltd: Global regulations

Deenamic Ltd: Global regulations

Deenamic Ltd: Global regulations