CLP Regulation

The CLP Regulation is a set of vital rules that protect the environment and the health of those who come into contact with substances. It is legally binding in all European Union Member States and requires manufacturers, importers or users of substances to classify, label and package chemicals appropriately.

The main focus of the CLP is to figure out which products are classified as hazardous. There are different types of hazards, such as physical, health, environmental, and others. It’s crucial that everyone involved in the supply chain – from manufacturers to consumers – is aware of these dangers so that they can follow the appropriate regulations.

At Deenamic, we specialize in the CLP Regulation. We can review and assess compliance with legislation within label and Safety Data Sheets (SDS) documents. The CLP Regulation is vitally important for the success of your organisation, and we are here to help you ensure that you are compliant.

Looking for a way to ensure your business is in compliance with the latest regulations? We can help with that. Our Poison centres Notification (PCN) and curation of Unique Formula Identifiers (UFI) services will keep you up to date and compliant. UFIs are codes printed on products with hazardous mixtures in the European Economic Area, meant to help calls to poison control centres determine the contents. They are a crucial aspect for businesses involved in this area.

Don’t get left behind – contact us today and let us help you stay compliant.