“The EU’s Next REACH Enforcement Project: Focusing on Imported Products”

Deenamic Ltd: Global regulations, The Enforcement Forum
Deenamic Ltd: Global regulations, "The EU's Next REACH Enforcement Project: Focusing on Imported Products"

There has been too many imported goods that don’t meet EU standards. That’s why the EU decided to increase the frequency of inspections. For example, a recent pilot project found that 23% of inspected products were not compliant with EU law.

In an open session, representatives from stakeholder organisations and four candidate countries discussed opportunities for expanding the future role of the Forum, strengthening the control of imports and other areas. Enforcing REACH restrictions in textiles or using lead shot in wetlands were covered in the open session. The Forum decided that it would be best to make its future advice public. This way, we can make sure that any new restriction proposals are enforced properly.

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